1. What is Kshar Sutra Therapy?

Kshar Sutra Therapy is an Ayurvedic Parasurgical Technique to cure diseases like Piles, Fissure , Fistula in ano, Pilonidal Sinus, Rectal Polyp, Skin Tags and Other Benign Pedunculated Skin Growths.

2. What is Ksharasutra?

Ksharasutra is a "Medicated Alkaline Thread". It is coated with 21 coatings of herbal medicines.

3. How does Kshar Sutra works?

The different drugs coated on the Kshar sutra performs different actions like curetting the tract gradually, keeping the tract clean (avoiding infections), helping the healing process. The thread itself keeps the tract open and hence facilitates proper drainage. It also acts as a vehicle the herbal drugs used to treat the disease.

4. What is the duration of treatment by Kshar Sutra Therapy?

Duration of treatment varies according to the type and extent of your disease-
In Fistula in Ano: The duration of the treatment depends mainly upon the length of the tract. Roughly speaking, the unit cutting rate of the Ksharasutra is about ½ to 1 cm per week. Hence if the tract is 6cm long, it could take 10 weeks to heal.
In Piles: Depends on the number and stage of Piles. It usually takes 10-15 days to heal.
In Fissure: Depends on the chronicity of fissure. Usually takes 10-15 days to heal.

5. Do I need Blood transfusion during the Kshar Sutra Therapy?

No, blood transfusion is not necessary because the amount of blood loss in Kshar Sutra Therapy is negligible.

6. Do I need Bed Rest during the treatment?

It depends on the type and extent of your disease-
In Fistula in Ano: Bed rest for 2-3 days is sufficient after first seating.
In Piles: Yes, Bed Rest is required as per your condition. Rest for 7 days is usually required.
In Fissure: Usually 4-5 days

7. Is the Ksharasutra procedure painful?

The procedure is performed under anaesthesia. There is some pain after the procedure; pain management is efficiently done with the help of medicines.

8. How much time is required to do the procedure?

It depends on the type and extent of your disease. Usually 30 -45 minutes are required to perform the procedure.

9. Will I have any difficulty during defecation (when passing the stool) after Kshar sutra Therapy?

No, there will be no difficulty during defecation.

10. I have been previously operated many times by Modern Major Surgeries but the disease appears again and again. Can Ksharasutra will help me?

Yes , Definitely, Ksharasutra Therapy has high success rate even in previously operated recurrent Anorectal cases specially Fistula in Ano.

11. What is the cost of the Ksharasutra treatment?

There is no fixed package. Charges vary accordingly to the size, length, complexity, route of the tract and complications due to associated disease, if any. Condition of each patient is different and so is technique and expenses of the treatment.

12. Can I sit in the normal position after the procedure?

Most patients are able to sit in the normal position after 2-3 days from the day after the procedure.

13. What about "after-care"?

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the "After-Care Instructions". In general, you have to take proper care of Anal Hygiene for about one month after the procedure by antiseptic dressings and Hot Hip Bath (Sitz Bath). Dressings are simple and can be done at home.