Fistula and Piles clinic is an endeavour of Dr. Sudesh Gupta MS Surgery who envisages on providing better healthcare in the City of Temples by the traits of Ayurveda. With an experience of more than ten Years Dr. Sudesh gupta takes his work as a mission to serve the sufferings. At Fistula And Piles Clinic with the techniques of Ksharsutra Piles, Fistula, Fissures and Pilonidal Sinus and various complex anorectal diseases are cured.

Clinic located in the heart of the city is in service for past seven yrs has set new standards in quality treatment and Satisfied happy patients testifies it. Our vision is to develop non surgical & parasurgical treatment of above diseases by time tested ayurvedic principles, procedures & formulation on scientific parameters with the latest available technology.

Our emphasis is to evolve an effective treatment methodology where no hospitalization or bed rest is required and patient can continue with their routine activities as usual.

This super specialist clinic provides patients with a one stop centre of excellence for diagnosis and treatment of all ano-rectal conditions. we have many patients on record from all parts of the State and other parts of country who visited with history of complex anorectal problems, multiple Fistula in ano, high anal fistula, recurrent fistula with multiple surgeries, fistula treated with MAFT/ VAFT technique but with recurrence. finally these patients were successfully treated at Fistula and Piles Clinic.

The clinic offers a state of the art facility where patients experience a very tailored and personalized service. The clinic provides our patients with a rapid access service for consultation and treatment of all ano-rectal problems.

Clinic timings : -------5:00pm to 8:30 pm Daily
                                        10:00am to 1:00pm Sunday